Language Change To German Causing Error When clicking Queues Page

When opening queue page in Orchestrator, an error pops up. The language is set to "Deutsch." " Es tut uns leid! Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten und die Seite wird neu geladen(#199 - Cannot read property '0' of undefined)" . The issue was identified in 2019.10.14 Orchestrator.

Investigation Steps:

  1. Use some internal translation files directly from moment.js to try and display a more detailed human readable period of time.
  2. In doing so, some Edge issues are obtained regarding the internal implementation of the German translation
  3. As a fix stopped messing with the internals and started using a public moment.js method, that returns an approximation of the period.

The workaround is to change the language to English.
  • A bug has been identified and fixed for 20.4.