Kill SAP Process After completing process

Need to Close all the open windows of SAP process Using Kill Process Activity.

I used Kill Process activity and ““saplogon.exe”” as process name to close all SAP windows together.

Hey @VijayaKumarA

Why you wanna kill? directly? instead of that you can use hot key “Shift+F3” then one pop up will come up. handle that then automatically all opened SAP windows will be closed gracefully.


Why do not you send a hot key “/nex” in the main window. This closes all windows.

In kill process activity write “saplogon” in process name field. In my case “saplogon.exe” did not work


In case you still are presenting the issue, you should just type “saplogon”, without the “.exe” :slight_smile:


In my case, I need to use “saplgpad” in process name of Kill Process activity instead of “saplogon” or “saplogon.exe”

“saplogon” --> It worked for me!! thanks