How to close SAP Logon display except Kill Process

I’m currently working with SAP, and I’m using CloseApplication to close the SAP Login screen, but I can’t find a way to close the SAP Logon screen.

In the above URL, it talks about using the Kill Process, but I would like to close it in a formal way, such as by pressing the X button, rather than force closing.

One way to do this is to close the SAP Login screen with CloseApplication, and a few seconds later, the SAP Logon screen will automatically disappear.

However, I still don’t know why it disappears automatically, and I think it is not an official way.

So, my question is, is the SAP Logon screen supposed to disappear automatically when the SAP Login screen is closed?

Is the SAP Logon screen supposed to disappear automatically when you close the SAP Login screen, or is the above a special case and there is another way?

If you know how to do this, please let me know.

Hi @Kirigirisu_Coin ,

An alternative would be to use the Type Into activity ( with the “/nex[k(enter)]” text:

source: SAP 740 docs:

Hope it helps!
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HI @Kirigirisu_Coin,

for closing the SAP session I’m using the CloseApplication activity and set the selector on the SAP Logon screen. With this both screens get closed after a few seconds.

Hope this helps you too.

Greetings David

Use SAP native commands, as per best practices

/nex if you want to force close

/nend to have a prompt before closing (we went for this as we wanted to check a particular warning pop-up)

you can also select SAP → Logoff

depends on your usecase, you can chose either

and Yes, Kill process is not recommended

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I think this should work fine
And it’s the optimal one


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It is possible to use Close Window activity to close SAP Logon.
It can be done as follows:

We are using such solution for our clients and it works fine. We are using this sequence at the very end, after closing all the other SAP windows.


I have done exactly what you said and was able to close SAP screen successfully.
Therefore, my boss was convinced of the method.

Thank you very much.

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