Kill Process not working to close internet explorer after getting data

How to use kill process activity to close IE browser after scraping data from a website?

in kill activity give Process Name = iexplore

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@RPAwithAshish give “iexplore” in kill process activity

Thanks! but not working. i had tried it already.

Thanks! but not working this way.

Hi @RPAwithAshish

Use attach window and use send hot key as Alt + f4


got attached window but how to send hot key?

when you open the browser set the output

Then at the end use Close Tab Activity
now in the Browser tab from the Properties pane give the output variable of the open browser

Still facing probelm? @RPAwithAshish

Thanks guys! but problem solved by edit selection section. there i unchecked the tab name and now it is working perfectly.

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How to put a condition to continue flow using if function? any help?

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what is your requirement?

want to set a criteria to the loop. when it reaches to a certain number it should stop looping it.

I have a set of URLs in excel sheet which bot will open in IE and look for certain data points and save it in excel. i want to stop this loop when the last url is done.

  1. Use Read Range activity
  2. Drag a For Each Row to loop through the datatable do all the operation inside the for each loop except the open browser( you can use it but you should close it before opening other)
    • Instead of using the Open Browser inside the for each what i would suggest is to set the out put variable after opening the browser.
    • You can use Navigate To activity inside the for each loop.
    • in the Browser Input from the properties panel give the output of the variable that has been set to the Open Browser activity
    • Once the last url is reached the loop will end and at the end(outside the for each row activity) use Close Tab or kill activity
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Anyone who is reading this thread may look this video tutorial: