Close all tab in IE

I want to close all tab in IE. (I have to 2 tab)
I use close tab activity and send hotkey.

last tab is close but first not close and activity send hotkey error as below.



Please guide me about it.

Hi @fairymemay

You can use close application or kill process ( process name - iexplore) for this


@prasath_S If I use kill process.
How to fill in Process and ProcessName ?


You can give process name as “iexplore” and also set continue on error to true in the property panel…

Process can be empty don’t need to input anything…

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have a look here on using kill process dynamicly to clos every process instance

Process name for Internert explorer is: iexplore

@prasath_S It not close.

The process name is string it should be in double quotes.

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