Kill by user

Add a property to the Kill activity - in order to apply the kill only to the processes of current user.

This should be the default anyway; for HD robots, killing by user is mandatory.

I think a snippet using Code Activity will do it.

@alex.stoian doesn’t this work like you described by default? Usually a user doesn’t have permissions to kill processes from a different windows session


Actually it looks like our kill is trying to kill processes of other users.
Of course, it can’t do that - so that’s the error.

can’t this be done via code? Kill only the processes from current user?

Hello @badita @alex.stoian @andraciorici
I want kill the process by user only is their any possibility for that

here i’m running two unattended bots in single server using Orchestrator, where i’m killing some windows bases application one robot at that moment at that moment another robot throwing an error and process is stopped in middle , how can i over come from this issue

Hi @alex.stoian,

Our default kill process activity can kill process running for other users too, (if the running user is in the Administrator Group) , i also have a similar situation as @alex.stoian said. So, Here is the solution i made for this

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UiPath.System.Activities 2021.4 now contains an AppliesTo parameter to select which users to apply a Kill Process activity toward.