How does Kill activity property works?

How does the only current user, only current session, only current desktop works in Kill activity. What is the difference

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Check the below thread.



Process: The “Process” parameter refers to a running process that you want to terminate. You provide this parameter if you know the exact process instance that you want to end. You need to pass a reference to the running process using this parameter. For example, you might obtain a process object using the “Get Processes” activity and then pass that object to the “Process” parameter.

Process Name: The “Process Name” parameter is a user-friendly way to specify the name of the process you want to terminate. You provide the name of the process without the file extension. This is a simpler option when you know the name of the application you want to close but don’t have a reference to the actual process instance.

Only Current User: When selected, the “Kill Process” activity will only terminate processes running under the context of the currently logged-in user. It won’t affect processes running under other user accounts.

Only Current Session: This option restricts the termination to processes running within the current session of the user. It won’t end processes in other active user sessions.

Only Current Desktop: This means the activity will only terminate processes running on the current desktop. Each user session can have multiple desktops, but this option limits the termination to the current one.

Hope you understand!!

The differences are exactly what they say. One kills the process only for the current user, one kills it for only the current session, and one kills it for only the current desktop. With nothing set, it tries to kill the process for all users logged into the computer - which usually results in an access denied exception because only an administrator can kill processes for other users.

In general, you will always want to set it to only for current user.

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