Kill process on one virtual machine

Dear all,

Is there anyone who has experience with killing process on one Virtual Machine?

Imagine that you have two users connected to the same machine. Meaning that they share drive C:, but everyone has his own desktop and running applications.

When I was using kill process activity, I have never killed a process of someone else/the other user. But now, it seems that it can affect also other users. Any general approach to that?


@mario Try below link

Unfortunately not helping. All of my processes are related to the same user. But when I run kill process it sometimes closes apps on other users


Are you still searching for this, then here is the solution.

Based on Session id it work. You just need to pass the Process Name in the argument and it will kill the process based on the current user session in Virtual Machine.
KillProcess_CurrentUser.xaml (17.5 KB)