Kibana reporting without queue

Hi everyone,
I’ve been playing around with Kibana and reporting - it is not issue to gather a data from processes which use queue, but what about those which don’t? For example, gathering all successful transactions.

Thanks for help!

You might need to log every transaction and report on these custom logs.

Could you be more specific please?

I think I’ve heared something about Logging101, but I am not sure if that is the case.


Well it’s not a specific document, afaik. If you have a job that processes multiple transactions in a sequence, you can log each at the end of each one of them using the logging activity, and you would save the success or failure status, as well as other fields you need for reporting that transaction, in custom log fields that you add to your workflow. Then, in Kibana, you can filter only on the logs that have that specific field names…