Attended BOT with Kibana reporting without queues

Hello all,

My use case is simple:

  1. Build an attended BOT which reads excel row item and update info on a web app.
  2. Specialist who runs it in PROD is not supposed to share this sheet with others.
  3. So input sheet and work is specific to each individual specialist i.e. work cannot shared with others.
  4. So we have decided to avoid queues to keep it simple (avoids encryption as it has customer data)


  1. Is this correct approach- avoiding queues as work is specific to individual and cannot be shared?
  2. Any significant advantages of using queues in this case?
  3. Can we report metrics to Kibana w/o using queues? we are looking for no. of row items processed/failed/passed etc.?
  4. Are queues tied to Kibana reporting?

Any insights will be appreciated. Thanks.

@murali.yk , you can still go for queue as as you have reporting requirements, it would be a better approach to dissect successful, failed transactions, time taken for each transactions and number of transactions processed per day/month to determine cost of savings or ROI (Return On Investment).

To make it simple, add a transaction once the user has done processing the request and update the queue item accordingly then and there.

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