Kibana report

Hello there, I’m currently exploring kibana and I’m trying to set up a report. I’ve added all the necessary fields I want to log and I’m building a daily report with the transaction info (number, start time, end time, status, type of error etc.). The problem comes when one transaction fails, then it’s retried and after the retry the status is succesful - in this very situation I will have 2 entries in my report for the same transaction item one that has failed and has an exception message and one which was successful. Are there any tips on how to select only the last status in the report (no matter if it’s successful or failed) for any transaction number so the reporting data ? Thanks!


This is one of the problems with Kibana (and this kind of search engine) - it does not know how to perform a “self-join” that would be required to select only the latest one. My suggestion would be to add a new log field that is set to True when the transaction is successful OR when it fails and will NOT be retried - I am assuming you are catching the error anyway, so you should know at design time if it’s the last attempt. Does that make sense ?

Hello Sorin, thank you for your reply. Yes, makes sense and this would have been my first choice also, unfortunately it doesn’t apply for my case. Even if the transaction is retried and the status is failed for all the retries, the case would come back in the process at the next run of the input report until someone from the business takes the case manually. That means there will also be 2 or more instances of a failed case in the final report even if I log the information and sum it up after the last retry in the process. My only hope was that I can aggregate the transaction info in Kibana after a unique key, which in this case is the request number. Thanks once again!