Keying data error in the browser

Hi community

I have run the UiPath to look for information in the browser by keying the information in the search column (obtained from excel file).

However, sometime the bot will give the error as below when keying it 30 times or sometimes 25 times to search for information.

May i know how can we prevent the error from stopping the bot to run as sometime it run smoothly, sometime it will give the error as above screenshot?

Can i use catch exception or other tools? Can anyone guide me on how to prevent this error and allow bot to continue?

THank you

Hi @SH_94,

The error you are getting means that the item specified in your selector is not being found for whatever reason. If you go to edit the selector on the activity that is breaking, does it validate? If so, does it validate again after refreshing the page?

If the selector doesn’t validate, try clicking on “Repair” in the Edit Selector window and re-indicating your selector, then try running/debugging the code again

Hi @SH_94,

Few best practices to avoid such situations are:

  1. Enable simulate type under properties of type activity
  2. Enable wait for ready property to Interactive. Sometimes field takes lil long to appear on screen and if bot tries to type in value that time, it might fail.

Thus enabling these properties helps ensure element is typed into properly.