Keyboard Shortcuts: The UI element is invalid

This is output from UIPath “Keyboard Shortcuts: The UI element is invalid. Make sure the target application is open and the element is on the screen.” . Although , My application and element are valid on my screen but I know that It see this erro as some time . What’s happened ? . Any help thanks

image (1)

Most likely your selector is not generic enough. Could you show the selector once validated?

This activity doesn’t have selector . I just use it for call keyboard short cut . That’s it

Looks like there is a selector on the activity. Could you open it and show how it looks?

Hello, if you are still have issues with this, try splitting the Keyboard Shortcuts activity into two.
What probably happens is that the activity attaches to a selector in the background even if there is no target. After the Ctrl+Shift+P that selector becomes invalid, hence the error. Moving the F+U+L+L shortcut into a second activity means that the robot will attach to a different selector.

Hello @Anh_Nguyen

AS per my understanding if you are not using the modern keyboard shortcut key activity, you dont need to select a ui element. but here you have used the modern activity and you need to select the ui element.

So the element which you have selected should be stable.