The UiElement is no longer valid Error


Why do I see the below error and how do I prevent it. I don’t see anything out of scope on the screen. This happens when the robot is executing a hot key command (ALT +k) on a CITRIX based windows application.This happens randomly.


“Send hotkey ‘wf32.exe’ : The UiElement is no longer valid”,

Hi @vvaidya,

If I am not wrong, usually in Citrix environments you preferable don’t use selectors within Send Hotkey activity. So, I kindly advice that you check if this activity is associated with an existing selector.


Thanks Acacio. I think you are right, for some reason I didn’t notice that.

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Hi Acacio,

I have the same error message when trying to send hotkey to Citrix. However, it seems that the selector is required for the type into activity or at least the activity needs to be attached to a window (with selector).
How to not use selctor in the send hotkey activity?

The Type into and Send Hotkey activities have this property Target.Element which uses the UiElement variable returned by another activity. This property cannot be used alongside the Selector property. This field supports only UiElement variables. More info here.


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Guess this was my first post. Thanks for bumping :wink:

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