Key press trigger in Internet Explorer

Hi Experts

I am trying do create a key press trigger that will perform an action when Ctrl + Alt + v is pressed within an Internet Explorer window. But it seems that nothing happens. I have tried using the same setup but with Google Chrome - here the event is triggered without problems.

Any ideas?

Could you please confirm that you used the ‘KeyPressTrigger’ activity inside the ‘Monotor Events’ Activity Block or not
What is the function has to be happened for the short cut "Ctrl+Alt+V’ on Internet Explorer
Share the sample workflow file for better understanding

Hi @Venugopal24

Yes - the Key Press Trigger is added in a Monitor Event activity.

However it does not run the activities within the Events sequence. I have just added a Write Line activity for testing purposes.

As mentioned it works fine when the Key Press activity is assigned to Chrome.

Please share sample workflow file or detailed screenshots