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Hello All,

Trying to Click and use CTRL at the same time. However keymodifiers on the CLICK activity do not work.

I can used CTRL or SHIFT but neither work, any other way to simulate what i need? Like maybe a hotkey activity similar to “CLICK DOWN” option.

I saw no answer was given to this previous thread but hopefully I can get a solution now.


I would try to identify why the keymodifier is not working, like are you using Simulate Click or Windows Message?

But, there is an alternate way using TypeInto.
TypeInto "[d(rctrl)]"
TypeInto "[u(rctrl)]"
So the “d” peforms a down keypress and keeps it down, then you can use Click. Following you use the “u” for an up keypress to unlock the ctrl key.


Seems to have worked this way. Thanks!

Be careful if this method ever fails in the middle of the activity, your computer will think the ctrl button is being pressed even after the workflow crashes


Good point @Dave
You might need to surround the Click with a Try/Catch so you can unlock the Ctrl key, while using this workaround. Also, I run into locked keys alot and the solution is usually to press both Alts, both Shifts, and both Ctrls rapidly… if you ever run into the keys acting weird like that.

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Ill complement the code then. Thanks, @Dave and @ClaytonM