Keeping the format of excel file same

I am deleting a column by its header name in excel file but the format of the file changes like its color and border vanish…how can i keep the format same

which method you are using to delete the column?

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Kindly elaborate this pls
Like how the input will look like and how the output should be
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remove data column

use this method!

The excel file columns some column and their headers contains colors like red and orange etc…
when i delete the column with a name say “ABC” it gets delete but the format that is all the header colors and cell colors get remove…

how can i enter the table name in string, i’m getting a datatable

you are getting datatable as a string and deleting a strings from it??

look i’m getting datatable and in the for each loop i getting the column name as string and in my if condition, if the name matches, that whole column gets delete from the folder

Use this activity where mention the position and the no of columns you want to delete

To find the position with column
—use a excel application scope and pass the filepath as input
—inside the scope use a READ RANGE activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt
—now use a Assign activity like this
int_position = dt.Columns.IndexOf(“yourcolumnname”)+1

Now use the above suggested activity and mention the position as int_position

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it’s throwing error on position…but i have mentioned int_position in it.

May I know the error we got

the error is System.Argument.Exception…and it throws on position of insert/delete columns activity

I would like to see the property panel of that activity
If possible kindly share the screenshot pls
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the property panle

This actually looks fine
I wonder why so
Can I have the error screenshot


on my excel file there is a paragraph written on the top of the headers…may be thats creating issue…