How to Delete Multiple Column Heading in Uipath

you have insert/delete column activity or delete column activity


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Sorry @shanmukh_pothamsetty i want to delete (Name, Postion, Office, Age, etc…) delete one “Name”, “Postion”, etc…

You want to delete only column headers or the columns itself?
If its deleting entire column, please refer,


@Naga_Pradeep Check this Workflow: (8.3 KB)

Before Executing the Workflow, Check the Excel File Sheet1 which is the Input and Sheet2 which is the Output.
Delete the Sheet2.

Execute the Workflow. Check the Sheet2. Try with your Excel File. It Should work the same.


Welcome to the community @Naga_Pradeep.

Can you please provide more information about what you want to achieve?
Because most of activities has option to exclude or include header so you may not require to delete it manually.
E.g. While using Read Range activity, just tick “AddHeader” option and it will convert header into column name and rest of data will be considered as rows.


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