Delete columns in Excel based on Column Name

Can anyone explain me what to provide in ’ TableName’ property of this Activity.

I am basically trying to delete various columns from an Excel using Column Names. (I do not have DataTable, i want to directly delete in the excel)


You need to use other activity for that purpose.

Refer below screenshot


  1. Read the excel sheet and provide output variable
  2. Use Delete Column activity :
    • Enter a previously created variable to it as Datatable
    • Enter column name which you want to delete

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Thanks for the guidance, but i strictly want to delete columns based on Column Names.
Is that possible with this activity?

I forgot to mention earlier,
I cannot read the Excel as DataTable, because it causes various data format changes while writing back.
I would prefer to direclty delete column in excel based on column Name (Without reading out and writing in)

Above solution was Excel only but it works only with Index.
You can make use of @balupad14 activities… Go through comment by @prasath17 below.

I have explored this option, but again I want to delete the column Based on Column Names.
This activity needs ths column Range/Position.

I know i can get the position/Range/Index of the columns first and then use these activities to delete.
But i am trying to understand if there is any direct activity which deletes the columns based on Column Name.

Hi @chandu4712 ,

Here you can see the cell range. it helps to delete the specific column.

Thank you