Keep variables values between invoke workflow

How to make the variable value to be persistent in a given workflow? I don’t want it to be reset to null each time a given workflow is invoked. I though that ‘Modifiers: Mapped’ would do the trick but it does not.

Scenario: WF1 is invoked for the first time, str_someVariable is set to some value, later when WF1 is invoked for the second/third time original value of str_someVariable is kept.

I know I could use OUT argument to remember str_someVariable value in Main.xaml and then each time provide it as IN argument but I want to know if my approach is doable in UiPath.

Hey @loxyms ,

Simple solution would be you just right that variable into text file and read it again.

Otherwise as you said, just send the values to out_Argument to the main workflow and then pass it again.

Hi @loxyms,

If I understand it clearly - we want to have an variable value to be constant throughout and it should not change.

Some thing to consider -

  1. Create an Asset in orchestrator with the value . Now whenever you want to use it - Just use a get asset activity - Pass the Asset Name and get the Value.

  2. In case you are using RE Framework - This value could be the part of the constant sheet in the config.xlsx file of Project.