Writing float value from datatable as string

Hello friends,
I just started using Uipath and I’m doing my first project.
I’m reading data from an excel table and trying to write it with a for loop to a website.
It writes the decimal value as an integer.
How can I solve this?

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Hi @bagcivan ,

Tick PreserveFormat option in Read Range activity and check again.

Hi, welcome to uiPath.

The issue is the format. While your document has ,(comma) as a decimal separator, UiPath reads it as a thousands separator.

Try this

@Shraddha_Gore it didn’t work.
@josephatomwanzia I have to use it with comma. I could not apply this method.

but i’m not do a mathematical operation so i solved my problem by using the .Replace(“.”,“,”) function.

thank you again

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