Keep decimal places at 2 decimals

Hi everyone,

I’m having an excel with string variables in one column (column1) with values that are like this: 7.60
When i’m opening this in a datatable via excel application scope, i’m getting 7.6 as value.
But i want to keep it as 7.60. Is there a code that i can keep my 2 decimal places in my datatable on uipath?


Hi @hansgeeroms

String.Format("{0:0.00}", row(Columnname))

This would work @hansgeeroms


While you retrieve data back from the data table, you can use the following sample codes.

String.Format("F2", dtTable.Columns("ColumnName"))
String.Format("0.00", dtTable.Columns("ColumnName"))
String.Format("0.##", dtTable.Columns("ColumnName"))

Thanks! This works in my for each row activity!!!

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Cheers buddy keep going @hansgeeroms

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