Json Arrays and Objects

Hello all,

I am trying to navigate down a json structure from a contract analysis tool and get it into a flat structure for PowerBI

I am trying to get all the Questions and Various predictions listed out.

But struggling to understand how to get each prediction into a deserialise a json array.

How do loop through each array and pull the various buts of data out?

jsonanswers.txt (170.2 KB)

I think the bit causing the main issue is the unique id under answers


Cant figure out how to reference a fields that is dynamic

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Hey @barryrodick

What do you actually want to do with this JSON.

I’m unable to understand the output part pls ?


We can retrieve the different ids by following:

myJObject(“data”)(“answers”).Value(Of JObject).Properties.Select(Function (p) p.Name).toArray

with a for each we can use the ids for iterating and accessing as usual
And also can user the selectToken method:
Kindly note: we skipped over some paths in the middle with the … usage