Json array?

Can anyone help me to deserialize this type of json (array).
The example below only shows the first 4 items to deserialize but it could be hundreds.


Thanks in advance

may we ask you to share the JSON sample file with us.

In general we are using the deserialize JSON Array activity from the UiPath.WebApi.Activities ar can do out also on API level

Hi Peter.

is it ok to share it this way as attachment?
topLongShortPositionRatio.json (481 Bytes)

find a starter help here:


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Thank you Peter.
I’m missing some properties steps between deserialize array and the For Each.
If I can deserialize an item, I should have no problem with the rest.

And yes I am using an API for this activity but it I think it doesn’t matter for this purpose.

Can you update?

Thanks once again.

would recommend to check following as nothing others was used for the demo:

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