Navigating Complex Json (arrays inside objects)

Hello all,

I have a robot querying what is essentially an online spreadsheet and returns its results in json through the API.

I can successfully make the call deserialise the object

Structure of the Json is below, I want to essentially for each through each object in the array to get the columnvalue and coloumnid

I was hoping this for each


Would give me what im after, however i get this error
(For Each: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)

Any pointers?

	"isheet": {
		"head": {
			"headcolumn": [{
					"sequence": "1",
					"columnvalue": "Created by",
					"columnid": "159139",
					"columntypeid": "6",
					"columntypealias": "SHEET_COLUMN_TYPE_LOOKUP"
					"sequence": "2",
					"columnvalue": "Created date",
					"columnid": "159140",
					"columntypeid": "5",
					"columntypealias": "SHEET_COLUMN_TYPE_DATE_AND_TIME"
					"sequence": "3",
					"columnvalue": "Modified by",
					"columnid": "159141",
					"columntypeid": "6",
					"columntypealias": "SHEET_COLUMN_TYPE_LOOKUP"

it is needed to parse the JSON then we can do process

Ensure the UiPath.WebApi.Acitivities are added via the Package Manager

myJObject("isheet")(“head”)(“headcolumn").Values(Of JObject)

was logging:

Find starter help here:
ppr_JSONBox_BarryRodick.xaml (8.3 KB)

Thank you, some of the syntax around values, root, elements etc… still learning.

Just the starter I needed

Thank you Peter

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