Using Deserialize JSON Array

I’m trying trying to find an example of using ‘Deserialize JSON Array’ activity but it seems as everyone is avoiding it and instead looping through a standard ‘Deserialize JSON’. Why is that? Must be better using Deserialize JSON Array but I can’t work out how it’s intended.

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Hi @HenrikX, I used “Deserialize Json Array” activity if you could provide me your JsonString I can provide you the Example xaml. Attached the instance where I used it.

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Hi @HenrikX

Try to check this out!

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Thank you! I got some input in this thread so I will try a bit on my own but I’d for sure come back to you if I don’t figure it out. Thank you so much.

That’s perfect! I’ve searched and searched but apparently totally missed this page. Looks like it will provide all I need. Super!

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