📢 Join the Code Gladiators 2020

:loudspeaker: Code Gladiators 2020

Code Gladiators 2020 is the largest coding battle in India and UiPath is the sole RPA theme sponsor of this Techgig Code Gladiators virtual hackathon.

We are inviting all RPA enthusiasts worldwide to join and showcase their skills and ability to solve challenges, while unleashing their true potential. Looking forward to some great entries this year.

Register now to win this mega coding contest:

This mega online coding contest will not only provide a unique space to all innovators to rise together in their automation journey but also learn together and build a joint way of working.

We have selected five product features and focus areas that we would like you to work with during this hackathon. As a participant, you will select one of the five from below, go through the training documentation, build out a solution based on the associated brief, submit your solution, and provide continuous and constructive feedback on all aspects of the training, product, and build process.

  • Workflow Chaining, Background + Foreground Process/Process Chaining
  • Activity Creator: Create an activity package using the new version of the Activity Creator extension for Visual Studio
  • Build new Workflow Analyzer rules
  • UiPath Forms: Design high Quality forms: Create a form for gathering customer data in real-time
  • Widgets: Build plugins for the new UiPath Assistant

Join dedicated group on Forum to collaborate with like- minded people who are working on the same activities. Share ideas, brainstorm and come up with compelling solutions. Post queries and get answers from Subject Matter Experts. Click here to join Code Gladiators Forum Groups.

For detailed information on hackathon pleases click here.

We’re giving away INR-3,50,000/ $5,000 in cash prizes.

If you are a professional RPA developer, Business Analyst, Solution Architect or just tech savvy, then come join the challenge to participate in India’s largest online hackathon - solve problems, push the boundaries of existing tech and power up the next generation of software robots.

During this hackathon, you will be asked to:

  • Participate in Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) round to evaluate your understanding and knowledge on RPA
  • Go through the training materials and other resources associated with your product/focus area
  • Build the activities/solutions using the newly gained skills and tools
  • Provide feedback using the ‌Feedback Form associated with your product/focus area.
  • Submit your final workflow on UiPath Marketplace using [CG2020] tag in your project name. E.g - “[CG2020] Project_Name”
  • Make sure you also provide a screencast of your project and any other required information for a valid submission on the UiPath Marketplace
  • If your project is suitable and selected for the Go! Marketplace, then you will receive a confirmation on next steps.
  • Submit your project details, including the video screencast of your project, and the URL to your project on the UiPath Marketplace in the TechGig platform as well by filling up the sample submission document given in the problem statement page.

On each of these steps you can get assistance from Community Managers and crowdsourced support in the Forum Groups.

Hackathon phases

  • MCQ round+Hackathon - 10th April - 1st June
  • Semifinals submission: Last date 1st June
  • Grand Finale Team announcement: 23rd June
  • Grand Finale: 17th, 18th and 19th July
  • Winner Announcement: 29th July

The deadline for semi final submission will be 1st June


Click here to view hackathon rules
(Rules are under Basic Information)


Cash prizes total of INR -3,50,000 / $5,000

  • First Place Winner: INR-1,50,000/ $2143 USD
  • Second Place Winner: INR-1,25,000/ $ 1786 USD
  • Third Place Winner: INR-75,000/ $ 1071 USD

Other prizes:

  • Featured on Community Website
  • Blog post on Community Sites
  • Winner announcement post on UiPath handle
  • Winner announcement post from India Leadership handle (LinkedIn and Twitter)


Link to FAQs
(FAQs under basic information)


Looking Forward to it :slight_smile:


nice to see to use the talent

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Looking forward …!


Is there more documentation for UiPath Assistant Plugin than what’s in the Github? I’m finding this hard to follow. Perhaps something with screenshot detailing the steps from beginning to end?

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Please let us know where you’re getting stuck, we’ll try to improve :slight_smile:

Also, do not miss this incoming webinar:

It will go over it in detail and you will get to ask questions too :slight_smile:

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I’m currently stuck on where to start on the Angular piece. At a high level, are we using .js to connect the widget to the process? I’m not understanding how the widget is pulling in the data/output from UiPath process. Great! I’m going to register right now.

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