Join datatable columns in for each rows

There are two datatables. I want individual rows of dt1 to map on all the rows of dt2 with their column names. For more clarification, I have attached image, and want to achieve something like output datatable based on two dt1 and dt2.

Can anyone please help me to achieve this?

Thank you.

Hi @shandilya.suthar15

U can use join datatable activitiy

With below information

Join type : inner

First datatable : dt1

Second datatable: dt2

Resultant : dt3

Condition : clm3!=clm4

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as the there is no column from left dt that we want to associate for the join condition with the right dt it is not a join. Its more about combine both datatables.

Would we merge the datatables with merge datatable activity then we would have it not combined.

A LINQ with a cartesian product is helping:

Reduced sample set input / result:


For setting up the combined structure of dtResult (combine lft and right datatable we exploit the the merge method on datatable.clone:

find starter help here:
CartesianProduct_CombineLRCols.xaml (9.4 KB)

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