Join data table

Join Table 1 and Table 2,
I want to create table 3.

Conditions are combined with id = id and year = year.

How can I set up join data table?
Table1.xlsx (8.1 KB) Table2.xlsx (8.1 KB) Table3.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Hi @yoshi-RPA
To join data tables we have activity Join Data Tables In this Activity we have to Provide data table 1 and data table 2. So ew can join the two tables. We have to provide details like this .

Hi @yoshi-RPA
Use Merge Datatable activity based on read ranges

Ashwin S

Yoshi, this demo may help you: Join Data Tables UiPath | UiPath Join Data Tables | Join Uipath | Uipath Join Table | ExpoHub - YouTube