How to join the data tables in complex field?

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I have a question about join data tables in some complex field. I want to join the “sheet1” and “sheet2” with the same column, but what I need, is that if someone have other rows, then I should append other rows behind the first one, the case shown below.
sheet3(the result)

I want to get the result as shown in sheet3, so how to do it?
Thanksdemo.xlsx (12.8 KB)


You can use Join Datatable activity to do this.

I have used the Join Data Tables , but what I get just like below:
The ohter rows is joined row by row, not what I need in sheet3

@lakshman, I use the Join Datatable can’t get the result shown in sheet3, things just like below:

Try using the “add data column” activity:


You can use read range activity like you can read the data from “B1:J1” as per relevance and similarly write the data into an excel using write range activity with the required range like “A1:H1”.

Just DM me if any help required.

Sarthak Gulati