Join coulmn from 1dt to other

DT1 has coulmns id, name year
DT2 has columns id name year(same data as dt1) but with additional column gender.

How to join gender column to dt1 or separate new dt combining both

Hi @KarthikBallary

Add column gender using ‘add data column’ activity to dt1.


@KarthikBallary What operation do you want to Perform on both Datatables :sweat_smile: ? Do you want to find the Matching records between both tables, Do you want to Combine both Datatables to One Datatable or other operation

if you looking to join these DT1 & DT2 tables for a data query - you can use the Join Data Tables
activity. For more info on joindatatable activitiy - you can refer -

if you are looking to add extra column - just to make both to sync - use the ‘Add Data Column’ activity for DT1 table.

Is this correct

club that gender column to that dt1…for coresponding ids
In the sense
DT1 ID-1, 2,3
DT2 ID-1,2,3 Gender-M,F,M

what if the ids are reordered in DT2, how it must be handled?

@KarthikBallary Then I guess you need to perform a Inner Join Operation using Join Datatables Activity

Join table will merge other duplicate columns also. I think I have to use invoke mehthod

How to add data coulmn object

@KarthikBallary How many Columns Do you have on both the Datatables?



What I need to pass here?

@KarthikBallary Is it possible for you to provide the Excel Files, If the Columns are less, then we might be able to use Join using Linq Query where you can choose the Columns you need in the Output Datatable After Joining, Thus eliminating Duplicate Columns

Gender.xlsx (9.2 KB) YOB.xlsx (9.4 KB)

@KarthikBallary, Can you please post expected output as well?

@KarthikBallary Check this : (19.5 KB)

working fine thank u so much

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