Orchestrator Jobs constantly Pending


I have a scheduled an Orchestrator job that’s been working for a couple of weeks - runs every 5 minutes. In the past couple of days, the job kicks off, and just sits there as “Pending” status. I check bot, and they show unresponsive even though the UI Path Robot (in task tray) shows connected.licensed.

If I restart the UI Path Robot Service (in Services), the Pending job run run and complete just fine. The job runs every 5 minutes just fine, but after some hours, I’ll come to find it hung in Pending again until I restart the Service. I need to do this several times a day now, and feel this should not be.

Any ideas?

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I thought it should be due to change in username and domain in orchestrator , but it seems like you were able to run the job successfully when restarting the robot service, interesting
Kindly uninstall and reinstall the application and try once
Cheers @sagacity

@Palaniyappan - Before I uninstall/reinstall, I’d like to note that both bots go unresposive:

But if I restart one service, they both come back online.

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May I know which robot we are using now
Cheers @sagacity

@Palaniyappan - The one named “Robot” - in the Robot_Environment. If I restart that one, and only that one:

They both come available.

Hmm I find like two machines been used in a single username and domain
Is that so
Cheers @sagacity

Even though they are on two different servers.

Yes. Two different licenses though - BENE-UIPATH-02 = Development (Uses Studio) and BENE-UIPATH-01 (Unattended).

Has been working fine for about 2 weeks.

I think that’s the issue
Kindly disconnect the robot “Studio” and have only “Robot” enabled
Add that robot Studio to another Environment

Cheers @sagacity

@Palaniyappan They are not in the same environment - note the Unattended is in Robot_Environment and the Studio (Development) is not in any environment on two different machines and two different licenses (1 Dev and 1 Unattended).

I even restarted the Studio machine (BENE-UI-PATH-02), and the Robot bot still went disabled.

Whilst going through this though I think I fixed it. If you note in my screenshot, the “dot” next to user name in studio bot is “red”. I guess no license acquired? After restart of that machine, it is green, and the job seems to be running ok.

@Palaniyappan - Ok. That didn’t work. After 30 minutes, went unlicensed again and tanked both bots. I have haled and stopped the studio one so disconnected, and restarted Robot to see how long it lasts.

@Palaniyappan - that didn’t work:

I have really been finding UI Path to be incredibly unreliable. From the start it takes constant baby sitting - I don’t think in the few weeks using it I have ever felt that I could just rely on it to work properly. Every day is constantly monitoring and restarting and correct some issue with it.

Have you found this to be true?

Hi @sagacity

This is a very strange issue. First time I hear such a issue.
However I really wonder how these two robots are configured. Machine name seems to be fine as they are different. Having the same username is fine because you have different machine names. But I wonder whether you have used the proper machine key in its proper robot. I don’t think this should be the case, but still it’s worth checking.

Shall we try removing the robot and the machine in orchestrator and adding and configuring it from the beginning to see whether it helps to resolve the error.

Let me know whether it helps…

Yes, it is the proper one. This has been working fine non-stop for a few weeks

We have the exact same issue with few of our bot machines. Did you find a solution already?

This was awhile ago and at this point, I cannot recall. It may have been forcing a specific resolution, b/c at the time we were doing automation that used RDP to connect to another resource, that ended up working.

Thanks for replying even it’s an old thread.
Ok, we just raised a ticket to the UiPath support to get this resolved.

Hi Guys- sorry to refresh the old thread, but we are facing the same issue and we are not able to find similar problem topic anywhere else- Juho have you been able to solve this? Could you share the resolution?

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Hey, for us cleaning the database from Job logs and restarting the application server fixed the issue. Also I think we replaced the virtual machine having the issue with a freshly provisioned one, so that might have helped as well.

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We are facing the same problem, the problem gets fixed if we restart the Robot server in servers but then it happens again after 30 minutes to 3 days.
Did anyone find a solution to this?