Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352

Unable to create data table with particular excel file.(Issue faces with this excel file only). Read range is not working but read cell is working fine.

Hmm have you tried out that the excel file is not corrupted?

It happened to me once

Also, check if your DT has something written in the end, it happened me too that gave me this error in the for each row since it had so many rows

May i know the size of the excel file ?

And also could you please update uipath.Excel.Activities package and then try again.

Hi @ecarles ,
Excel file is not corrupted i also tried to copied same contents to new excel still issue persists.
Is there any way to find number of rows without datatable?

Yeah, I’ve updated Excel activity .
Excel size is bit heavy almost (“BV”) number of columns.
I required only one column from that datatable, is there any way to get only one column as dt ?
thanks for the reply @lakshman

From the snapshot you shared it’s evident you are reading an MS Excel through an Excel Application Scope and further using Read Range to construct a Output Data Table. It’s not that super clear if you are trying to do in the following Try-Catch block and possibly you are trying to write back to the existing MS Excel.

In these cases, if the Excel Application Scope property Visible is set to True then UiPath needs to have the MS Excel software installed within your system with a valid activation code. Else each time an MSExcel will be opened and the Microsoft Activation Wizard will get opened (stay at the front/back of all the opened applications) and cause error while MS Excel read/write operations are done by UiPath.


Another approach will be to work with MS Excel and Excel Application Scope with the property Visible is set to False

Hi @debanjan

I am using enterprise version of microsoft which is licensed one. so there is no activation window pops up when i execute excel files. This issue is facing only with this particular excel file only. I cant figure out why this happens only with that file.

thanks for the response. Can you once try with Excel Application Scope property Visible is set to False?