Job Status changed to Faulted?

May i know why the job status is set to Faulted once the terminate workflow activity is called.
In my opinion, the Job Status should not set to Faulted as we set some condition to stop processing the transaction item (by calling terminate workflow). but the job is still run successfully or stopped instead of Faulted. and this will affect the orchestrator chart.

Hi there @goh6613,
Generally, the ‘Terminate Workflow’ activity is utilised to stop the process post error, though I have personally never used it.

If the process has gone through the ‘Happy Path’, why would you bother terminating it, simply let it end “naturally”?



hi Josh,

yes, you are right. but in actual scenario when there are many sub workflows are called, its unlikely to let it end naturally. this is why i call terminate workflow when there is major error and should terminate the process immediately.


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Terminate Workflow activity forcefully terminates the workflow, like an error was thrown. This is the reason my the job is considered faulted, because it didn’t terminate nicely.