How to get Orchestrator to show job as failed when running into system exception

Using Re-Framework with some customization for our enterprise. Dispatcher to check if there are too many files for process. Getting it to set system exception, but in orchestrator, the job still shows green/completed successfully. If this happens, some manual troubleshooting needs to occur before bot can be rerun. How can we get this to show red/failed or something that will catch the eye of folks monitoring jobs so it gets resolved? currently this process is not in production, but would like it to be. screenshots from orchestrator below as this is for work.


The Terminate Workflow activity kills the job and leaves it faulted in Orchestrator.


Its because job did not fault, exceptions at item/process level in REF are handled and in the end the process completes just fine, until unless an unhandled exception halts the bot completely.

So you can use what paul suggested, and identify in what case you want to terminate the job completely.


In addition to Terminate Workflow, another option is to throw the caught System Exception as the last step in the final state.

If you are using REFamwork there should be a constant in the generated config file called ShouldMarkJobAsFaulted, set that value to TRUE. This way once the automation hits the end process state from the system exception it will mark the job as faulted. If you are using a modified or older version utilize terminate workflow activity which will fault the automation at the point of calling it.

Managed to get it to work (mark job as failed/red in orchestrator) using a combination of setting ShouldMarkJobAsFaulted to TRUE and using TerminateWorkflow activity. Thank you all!

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