How to stop a job and show status of that job as Successful/Stopped in Orchestrator?

I have a process where there are multiple instances where it cannot proceed and manual action is required, but it is not technically a failure. Currently I am using Terminate Workflow after displaying a message to the user but this shows in Orchestrator as a faulted job.

Is there a way for the robot to stop the currently running job and mark the status of that job as either Successfully or Stopped, rather than Faulted?

I have not had any success with a Get Job & Stop Job loop, as I don’t really understand the process properly and the documentation is not helpful. Can anyone explain if this is possible?

Yah instead of directing the process towards terminate workflow activity we can leave it empty so that the bot will not have any activities to execute and the bot stops over there and that too with successful state
If we use terminate workflow activity it will show as faulted

Cheers @Steven_Bruce

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Cheers @Palaniyappan - every time an exception is found, I am invoking a workflow which triggers a log message then a Terminate Workflow action, but if I remove the Terminate Workflow action the process steps out of the “dead-end” workflow after the log message and continues along the parent workflow as if everything was normal. Is that expected behaviour?