JIT compilation error

I am sure that the code is correct, why do I get this error? And what is the solution? Thank you.

often it helps when rewriting, remodelling the failing part

As another option, depending on the referenced UiPath.System.Activities package version down/upgrading can also have a positive fixing effect


Almost all of my packages are on the latest version.

It would help us, when yo share with us, what all was tried

was it done?

was it done?

we mentioned also downgrading

Also it is recommended to check that the current involved components are in compatibility


It might be because of case sensitivity as well… try to rewrite the formula and try to use the function names same as needed eg : DateTime


I tried this method but it didn’t work.

Downgradingpackages didn’t work for me either.


is itpossible to attach sample here?


when your statement is about a datetime compare we would also recommend to avoid the double conversion from string → datetime → to String → to Datetime

we can rewrite:

DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-12).Date < DateTime.ParseExact(strIn,strPattern, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).Date

strIn = your String Date
strPattern = your Format Pattern

Keep in mind:

Feel free to share with us some more details