Java Packages included in UiPath Studio


Anyone can help to share all Java Related packages included in UiPath Studio ? Thanks in advance

Hi @hsendel,

Omkar P

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Thanks @Reddy_Paluri, What is it’s Name in Studio? Thx

Please go to manage package type


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Is this Package includes all the figured ones during Studio installation ?

Yes this is for extension like Java compatabal to Uipath studio you can select this for installation time.

For activities you need to go inside studio manage packages and type

Let me explain i deep, when using UiPath Studio in my machine the BOT works perfect, and when upload it in Orchestrator, it’s not working for my collegue than I asked him to use studio, than it works for him too, So as a conclusion, the issue is UiPath Robot( doesn’t have enough files to let the BOT works), that’s wahy I’m asking this , hoep you understand my concern

What was error you got in Orchestrator?

No error , the BOT stop executing as it can’t find related Object due to missing Java Plugin…this is my conclusion

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Please find some help full link

I have checked the settings of my friends PC it’s OK