Can Java activities run if Java is not installed on the computer?

I’m working on a project that uses UiPath.Java.Activities, and it’s fine on my computer. However, I need to be able to upload the package to Orchestrator so that others can test it as well. Will it work if someone doesn’t have Java installed on their computer? Is there a way to include the Java version in the package when I publish it?

If they don’t have Java installed how will they run the Java application that your automation uses?

That’s a good, straightforward way of putting it. I see what you mean.
To clarify, I don’t need them to run a Java application, just execute the .jar file included in the project. So, I’m mostly wondering if there’s a way I can bundle Java alongside that so that anyone can run it without having to install Java first.


Atleast a java runtime is reauired to run the jar file…


Java doesn’t require installation to run. You can get an open-source version and bundle it into your project. You can then use a relative path to the bundled java.exe for the Java scope. And just like the other advice here, you need only the JRE bundled to make it work.

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