How to use UIPath.Java.Activities in Studio 2020.10.2 Enterprise License

Dear all
i want to use UIPath.Java.Activities in Studio 2020.10.2 Enterprise .
but i try every option in the install part to finish the installation.
but finally any version can not be used in the project.
for help
how to extend the java package to support some java code function.
pls ignore my poor english
thanks !


Welcome to our UiPath community.

May I know what error are you getting while installing Java package ?

Hello lakshman!

this is the problem what i meet now.
i can not invoke the java.activities in my project.
but i can invoke this java activities in Studio 2021.4 community version.

so i have no idea to this problem.
maybe 2020.10.2 enterprise version has no compatibility to UIPath.Java.Activities???

thanks for your help first !


Please make just backup of json and remove it completely from your project folder. Then open project from Main.xaml and go to Manage Packages and download/install all needed dependencies. New json file will be creating automatically.

Cheers @leochen0817