Java App - How to detect user clicked Save / Cancel Button

I am trying to capture the modified value of a text attribute, on a Java dialog,
when the user clicks the Save button.

How can I detect the final field’s value on the form (without looping or having to reopen the form) when the user clicks the Save button?

Hi @grosner,

If you have a queue structure on the orchestrator, you can create output after clicking the queue you created.


Thank you but this is a highly interactive process so Orchestrator is not used.

Hello @grosner

As per the query what i understood is, you are doing some automation on a java application and clicking on the save button, then system will provide a result. You need to get the result? Is my understanding correct?

If yes, will this result only generate in the application(within UI)? If yes you have to use Get text activity. or get attribute.

Your understanding is correct. However, I need to trigger the get text activity when the user clicks the save button. However, The Click Trigger activity (in a trigger scope) does not work on this particular dialog.

Did you tried as below? Are you getting any error?
Also better to use an anchor base selector for this gettext. So can you try with App/Web recorder to record the text text action?

Ok, In this case, the Click Trigger does not capture the mouse click. I can accurately target the selector, with or without the anchor. But even after clicking the button, UiPath still waits for the click. This is a Java Modal window and perhaps that has something to do with the failure for UiPath to see the mouse click.

Got it…If that is case can you try with On click Image trigger?

Thank you for your persistence.
No, the Click Image Trigger does not detect the mouse click.

I have created a new post Java App - Click Trigger Not Working reporting this issue as a possible bug. Hopefully, UiPath support can respond.

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