IUserOperations.SignInCore threw System.InvalidOperationException

IUserOperations.SignInCore threw System.InvalidOperationException: “Error loading discovery document: Error connecting to https://cloud.uipath.com/identity_/.well-known/openid-configuration. The request was canceled due to the configured HttpClient.Timeout of 30 seconds elapsing…”.

Alway throw this error! couldn’t work in China!

Hi @jilven_su

Could you please provide more information as to what causes this error?

A simple list of steps to reproduce like so would be much appreciated:

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2

Hello Guys,

i have the same error this is my scenario:

  • Install UiPath 2021.10.5 on my Citrix Virtual Machine
  • Insert proxy configuration on uipath.config file (machine is under proxy settings)
  • Configure on orchesrator machine template and robot user (for unattendeed purpose)
  • On citrix Virtual machine open assistant and insert orchestrator link, machine key and click connect
    ISSUE → Assistant tells me to also log in on orchestrator but when i click on login this error is displayed:

Do you know who coudl cause this?

Hi @m.mezzacapo

I would advise you to contact our technical support for direct assistance via this form: