Iterating through excel cells using transaction data REFramework

Hello, so I am essentially trying to iterate through cells in an excel sheet using variables that are acquired through each loop of transaction item, the issue is I am unable to compile the variables into one sheet to then upload the sheet with each of the variables attached to it. The main issue I am running into is that the new variables that are updated based on the transaction item overwrite the old variables in the sheet in every loop. Please let me know if theres a fix or an alternative. I can upload SC’s or xaml’s to help if need be. Thank you!

If the variable is data table then you must be using Write Range / write DataTable to Excel , you can try Append Range

Note: Like Workbook, Excel Activities have similar append range feature.

If the variable is string type or integer type then you must be using Write Cell , you can try Write Cell with dynamic cell value/position.

Also you can try below steps

  1. Before writing new value to Excel, Read the old data from excel and save to Temp data table
  2. Append / Merge the new value to the Temp data table
  3. Write the Temp data table back to excel