Iterating radio buttons


I have a power bi dashboard with multiple check boxes for each client we support
so there is a
check box - client A
check box - client B
check box - Client C

etc etc

how can i iterate through those checking the boxes ?

Obviously evey time i click a box it will change the dashboard context to that client, but for the time being that all i want to do


Hi @philwaller

You can try with dynamic selector to click on all the check box in application.

If you have only 3 client (static) you can try with three different click activities.


Hello @philwaller

You can use the check activity by passing the dynamic selector. Use UiExplorer and inspect on any 2 checkbox and share the selector here. There should be some attribute like idx or rownum that you can make dynamic by passing variable.



Hi there is an aaname for each client - which are also clickable - how would i do that ? Thanks again


Hi @philwaller

Get the name of the client and pass the name dynamically in the selector.

Check the below video

Thank you!

Thanks very much!

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