Iterate data for SAP and Build Data Table from the Iteration


I want to build data table from this SAP data. I need to do the iteration and if the number starts with ‘39’ then I need to create then add the number to the data table.
I used do while to iterate the data until I get the number starts with ‘39’ in variable but not sure how to create/add the number to the data table.
Wondering if anyone could help for the solution for iterating and adding the number to the data table.


You’ll need to connect to SAP to retrieve the data and You can use a library
To create a datatable

Library provides a convenient DataFrame for tabular data.

Use a loop to iterate through the SAP data, fetching one record at a time.

For each record, check if the number starts with ‘39’. You can do this by comparing the first two characters of the number to ‘39’.

If the condition is met, add the number to the data table. You can create a new row in your DataFrame with the appropriate data.


Hi @bryant.macciano m=,

Could you let us know if you have checked if there are export options available for this data, so that we can export it to Excel sheet and then read the data from there.

Else, We can check with Table Extraction method if not done yet.

It has the export button, I’m exploring another way without exporting the excel file. Any thought?

could please show me an example for the coding?


I think with the export only it will take less time

After exporting
Use read range activity to read the file
And below to it use filter datatable activity

Hope this helps