It is possible to store the value of a variable every time when its value is a string

Hello, I have a question and I feel that it should be written in English, I have a sequence that reads how many files I have and forms links for the pdfs, what happens is that when I take them out or send them, it is not stored to me and only sends the last one
nn.xaml (24.2 KB)

@Diana_Marcela_Lopez_Sanc1 - I have downloaded your xaml file but i was not able to follow the logic.

your first statement seems to be incorrect, because you haven’t used any wild characters or extension, so this will return 0 always.

 Directory.GetDirectories("C:\Users\Diana\Documents\UiPath\alianzz\pdf", "librty")

So if you could explain about your requirement, it would great …

is the path and my PDF folder inside the uipath I will try to upload it complete

what this line does is to go to the pdf folder I have and look for a folder with the name librty

then count the directories that I have and if possible if you have another set of functions starts

then you get the number of pdf files I own

for the last thing to create a route my question is it possible to store that route I tried it with a data table and I don’t know if I did it wrong but I saved everything only the last thing.

Got it…Could you please explain this part?? Which data you would like to store it on the datatable??

the name of the pdf for example 12-Allianz