Dynamically reading PDF from specific path

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My pdf name is stored in “strPDFFileName” and my static path where i am saving this pdf is “C:\Users\MadirSri\Desktop\mypdf”. Every time a new name is gng to be stored in “strPDFFileName” in same path. can any one suggest a way for reading PDF from that path

I am trying like this in read PDF activity “C:\Users\MadirSri\Desktop\mypdf”+“strPDFFileName” but its failing where it is considering that variable name also as PDF name.

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You have checked this?

What problem you are getting with that?

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Maybe this will help but the correct way to read your file path with a variable is like this:

You just need to remove the quotes around the variable and you also need the "" in the folder name


Thank you for your response its working fine