Merge datatable causes data loss on source datatable

Hi Devs, pls assist, I am merging two datatables together but after the data merging completes, some of the data from the source gets loss.Example if I have columns with data the column name will be merged and no data for the remaining column will be merged
s/n name age time
1 John
2 Swiss
3 Ren

Hi @stanstilo

The column names in both the tables must be exactly same. Could you share the sample excel files.

The column names are not exactly the same, some are the same while the rest are not

Hi @stanstilo

Not all the columns needs to be same. Please refer this xaml

MergeDataTable.xaml (8.9 KB)

dt_Destination gets changed

Hello @stanstilo

Do you need to insert the columns from the 2nd data table to the 1st datatable based on few columns? Is that the requirement?

Can you share the screenshot of two datatable and the expected output?(Sample)

It’s meant to insert all datatable from the second datatable into 1st datatable @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

In this case merge Datatable should work… is it deleting few data while using merge Datatable?