Issues with installing Citrix extention

i have an error message when i try to install the citrix extention in Uipath Studio 2018.4.0 community edition
Error # 14: Error: LoadString(141) failed!
Error # 4: installation failed !
what should i do to correct it?

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Hi @othmane

Citrix extension is currently being internally tested. We do not offer the full documentation just yet, so I would not try to install it just yet.

Having said that, your error message revealed a bug that will get fixed :slight_smile: The “LoadString(141)” is actually this:

It simply indicates that you do not have currently a Citrix Receiver installed on your machine.

Stay tuned for the Stable release of this functionality :slight_smile:

thanks for your answer

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You can not see more info in our official documentation:

Problem Persist after installation of Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace

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Hi Loginerror,
How to uninstall(coz its not installed properly ) to reinstall the Native Citrix Automation from CMD?

Hi @Ramakrishna

Do you wish to remove the Citrix extension from your machine? If so, please refer to this post:

The SetupExtensions.exe can be found here (for the Community Edition):