Issues with Element exist

Hi everyone,

in this process , my ElementExist find the picture become true but when the element disappear it won’t become false. i try with UI explorer but the only time it change the value it when i refresh the website.

it work perfectly fine with other element/picture/etc execpt the one i need to check
Maybe it s not a problem with studio but the website i don’t know

E0 is the boolean output from → Element Exist “Div”

I try “wait element vanish”

ps : happy new year all

HI @BenjenB

Try with Wait Attribute it will until the element changes


Hello @BenjenB,

Try with Find Element:

I hope it works!!

I try wait and find but didn’t work
I try using UI Eplorer for checking so this is the step and result:
1/ when the page load

2/ when element appear

3/ but when element disappear it stay in step 2 but when refresh it go step 1

Hi @BenjenB

Do you have any text in the attributes?

If yes Try with Text exists and indicate on the whole screen and give the text that you have in the previous selector of the element exists.

Just give it a try


It work thanks

I still don’t know why it doesn’t work with element exist

Element Exists will also work on the background screen , may be because of that it returns true even if the text is no visible in the page

Tex Exists will works only in foreground


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